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Qingdao Xinhua Aolai Textile Co., Ltd., situated in Qingdao China, is engaged in production and R&D of bamboo fiber products. Thanks to gifts from the nature. We get natural, organic and clean bamboo products from the nature, and we see a new choice. We always insist on health, environmental protection and recycling, focus on fashion, and provide superior lifestyle for consumers. 


Qingdao Huayu Textiles Co., Ltd., as one of globally unique suppliers of bamboo lyocell fiber, yarn, plus material and products, sells products around the world. I hope that more and more people love bamboo lyocell series, which is also our dream and glory. Welcome to enter the Huayu space.


15194222202(Manager Wu)  
18653218557(Manager Qin)

Email: nitro@bamboolyocell.cn

Address: No. 80, Haier Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

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Official website QR code

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